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Super Smart Ball Bushing™ Bearings - INCH

(Closed Type) For End-Supported Applications

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Thomson Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings
*P= Preload, C= Clearance
ΔSee chart on bottom of this page.

Part number is for a standard item.
Other options available: Corrosion-Resistant, Nylon Balls, Ceramic Balls or Dry-Packed.

(Dimensions in inches)

Thomson Super Smart Ball Bushing Bearings

Catalog Number Nominal
C1 C2
of Ball
Ball Bushing
Bearing Mass
Load Capacity
Recommending Housing
Bore Fixed D
Recommending Housing
Bore Adjustable D
Ball Bushing™ Bearing/60 Case™ LinearRace Fit Up
Fixed Dia. Housing*
Ball Bushing™ Bearing/60 Case™ LinearRace Fit Up
Adjustable Dia. Housing* (Before Adjustment)
TSS6U-8-WW .500 .5000/.4995 1.250/1.230 1.032/1.012 .050 6 .07 265 .8755/.8750 .8760/.8750 .0015C/.0000 .002C/.0000
TSSU-10-WW .625 .6250/.6245 1.500/1.480 1.125/1.095 .055 10 .12 620 1.1255/1.1250 1.1260/1.1250 .0015C/.0000 .002C/.0000
TSSU-12-WW .750 .7500/.7495 1.625/1.605 1.285/1.255 .055 10 .16 1130 1.2505/1.2500 1.2510/1.2500 .0015C/.0000 .002C/.0000
TSSU-16-WW 1.000 1.0000/.9995 2.250/2.230 1.901/1.871 .068 10 .29 1900 1.5630/1.5625 1.5635/1.5625 .0015C/.0000 .002C/.0000
TSSU-20-WW 1.250 1.2500/1.2494 2.625/2.600 2.031/1.991 .068 10 .52 2350 2.0008/2.0000 2.0010/2.0000 .0018C/.0001P .002C/.0001P
TSSU-24-WW 1.500 1.5000/1.4994 3.000/2.970 2.442/2.402 .086 10 .99 3880 2.3760/2.3750 2.3760/2.3750 .0021C/.0001P .002C/.0000

Load/Life Graph (Lines indicate limiting load for given BALL BUSHING Bearing)

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Determining Ball Bushing Bearing Size
To determine the proper Ball Bushing bearing size, enter the chart with the maximum load of the most heavily loaded bearing and the required travel life. Mark where the two lines intersect. All Ball Bushing bearing sizes that pass through or above and to the right of this point may be suitable for this application.

Note: For the purpose of using this chart:
Load on Most Heavily
Loaded Bearing
= Maximum Applied Load

K0 = the Load Correction Factor, which can be determined from the Polar Graph below.

Dynamic Load Capacity Correction Factor, K0
The Dynamic Load Capacity is based on a rated travel life of 2 million inches. The actual Dynamic Load Capacity can be affected by the orientation of the bearing or the direction of the applied load. For dynamic load correction factors, see polar graphs below. Dynamic load capacity of Twin Super Smart Flanged Pillow Blocks is based on two bearings equally loaded.

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Polar Graphs
The actual Dynamic Load Capacity of a Ball Bushing bearing is determined by the orientation of the bearing or direction of the applied load. The load Correction Factor K0, is found by knowing the direction of the applied load relative to the orientation of the bearing’s ball tracks and referring to the polar graph. To determine the actual Dynamic Load Capacity, multiply the proper correction factor by the Dynamic Load Capacity listed in the product table.