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Rosa Sistemi - Advanced Linear Motion Technology

Rosa Sistemi S.p.A. has been manufacturing precision linear slide guides since 1979. However, in recent years, Rosa Sistemi has developed innovative linear motion solutions targeted at machinery and applications with more advanced and demanding requirements in the medical, optical, aerospace, and automation sectors.

Their cooperation with some of the world's most prestigious companies has lead to their company's success in both the domestic and international markets.

Technical Characteristics & Life Calculation Download
Mounting Recommendations Download
Application of Rails of Different Length Download
Inspection Example Download
Calculation Example Download
GR - Linear System Download
NG - Guideways Download
M/V - Guideways Download
RM & RV - Linear Systems Download
RVA - Rails with Antifriction Material Download
GRD - Double Raceway Rails Download
RK & RKD - Recirculating Ball Bearings Download
Special Rails Download
Table Arrangments Download
TR - Frictionless Tables Download
TRL - Frictionless Tables Download
TRKD - Frictionless Tables Download