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Shaft Centers and Hollow Shafts

Mechanical Pullers

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BETEX 625/630

Shaft protector sets for shaft centers and hollow shafts

These shaft protectors are indispensable between shaft and bearing puller while dismantling bearings, couplings etc. There are two types: 625 for protecting shaft centers and 630 for hollow shafts. Use of shaft protectors prevents distortion to the shaft centers and the screw.

Shaft Protector Sets Drawing

# of Pieces per Set ØD mm Min. ØD mm Max. ØH mm Min. ØH mm Max. ØDb mm Min. ØDb mm Max. ØDu mm Min. ØDu mm Max.
Part #: TB-MP500625
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6 19 38 16 19
Part #: TB-MP500630
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11 19 51 25 64
Part #: TB-MP500631
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6 54 76 67 89