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BETEX BPPS - Bearing Puller Pusher, Side-Shift

Hydraulic Pullers

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BETEX BPPS - Bearing Puller Pusher Side-Shift

100 Ton Capacity

Installation and removal of railway bearings

Specially for rail- and metro workshops. Use the right equipment to remove or install tapered roller bearings. This hydraulic aid will allow you to save valuable time and work safe and efficient. Easy to use roll-around model for both mounting and dismounting.

BPPS Side-Shift model, compact and easy to maneuver because of 4 swivelling castors.

  • Mobile and easy to use by one person
  • Pulling capacity (dismantling) adjustable to 100 ton max
  • Pushing capacity (mounting) adjustable to 68 ton max
  • Suitable for locomotives, passenger and freight cars
  • For safe, simple and fast mounting and dismounting of tapered roller bearings
  • For assembly of TBU, SP and TAROL bearing sets
  • Wide range of accessories available. The accessory sets are available in various sizes, metric and inch versions (housing-type locomotives and passenger cars)
  • The side-shift model is an extra compact model and easy to roll around because of the 4 swivel castors

Accessory Set:
To order the correct accessory set to service bearings (housing-type locomotives and passenger cars), please provide us with the following information:

  • Bearing number and manufacturer number
  • Drawing of bearing and shaft (ask for the questionnaire)
  • Railroad name and location

Quotation for adaptor or different adaptor sizes available on request.

You can choose between 2 models which are equipped with a manual valve or with a solenoid valve.

Step by step dismounting of TBU / SP / TAROL bearing sets

Step by step mounting of TBU / SP / TAROL bearing sets

TB-HP700023: incl manual valve and side shift / excl. accessories

TB-HP700024: incl solenoid valve and side shift / excl. accessories

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Type: BPPS Side-Shift
Pulling capacity, dismantling tons: adjustable to 100t max.
Pulling capacity, mounting tons: adjustable to 68t max.
Max. stroke (mm): 255
Max. shaft-diameter depending on accessories (mm): 178
Min. shaft-diameter depending on accessories (mm): 90
Operating main cylinder and height adjustment:
Electro-hydraulic pump BETEX EP211D, 230V - 12A, 50 Hz with remote control
Min. height center line towards floor (mm): 435
Max. height center line towards floor (mm): 780
Gauge bar: 700
Four castors: 4 swivel castors
Dimensions: 1300 x 520 x 955
Weight kg: 400