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BETEX MF Quick-Heaters

Induction Heaters - Middle Frequency - 22 & 44 kW

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PART NUMBERS: TB-MF600125 and TB-MF600126

Middle frequency induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It prevents unnecessary damage to parts and reduces wear and tear.

For mounting & dismounting of powertransmission components in MRO and OEM companies: bearings, labyrinth rings, bearing rings, sleeves, bushes, couplings, gears...

Middle frequency induction heating is a safe and cost effective heating method, which improves the quality of installation or maintenance. This method is fast, simple and energy efficient, compared to conventional methods.

Middle frequency technology makes it easier and quicker to transfer effective energy in the part. The MF Quick-Heater is compact and mobile so it's easy for you to move around. This system is also clean and operates very quietly. It saves you time as it can be deployed very rapidly (fewer actions) and heats faster than conventional methods. Energy use is much lower thanks to its more efficient electricity consumption.

Choose between two different generators, 22 and 44 kW, available with flexible or fixed inductors. Fixed inductors are placed around a part and flexible inductors (coil principle) may be wrapped around, or placed in, on or under the product. Ideal for varying or very large diameters.

Each heater is customized to your needs and supplied with required size(s) of inductors.

  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Paper industry
  • Gearbox manufacturers
  • Wind energy
  • Machine building
  • Transport sector
  • Railway
  • MRO/OEM sector
The capacity and the size of the induction coils are determined by your requirements.

Technical Data - BETEX Middle Frequency Quick-Heaters 22 kW / 44 kW
Facility power 22 kW 44 kW
Cooling forced air cooling forced air cooling
Active Power 2,5 - 22 kW 2,5 - 44 kW
Frequency 10-20 kHz 10-20 kHz
Main Voltage 3x 400 V / 50 Hz 3x 400 V / 50 Hz
Connection (Plug) 32A 63A
Main Fuse 32A 63A
Temperature Measurement for type K thermo couple for type K thermo couple
Inductor Recognition yes yes
Temperature Sensor yes, for max max 300° C yes, for max max 300° C
Dimensions generator LxBxH 553 x 500 x 700 mm 640 x 1050 x 1856 mm
Weight Incl Trolley 135 kg 185 kg
The BETEX MF Quick-Heater has great advantages

  • Economic: One device for Mounting and Dismounting.
  • Choice between two standard generators: 22 or 44 kW. Low connection power (32/63 Amp).
  • Choice between Fixed and/or Flexible inductors.
  • Safe: Temperature controlled heating: overheating is not possible because demand is constantly monitored and if necessary adjusted. When the preset temperature is reached, the device will switch off automatically.
  • Energy efficient operation: Short heating times and process optimization.
  • Clean and environment friendly: No oil, gas, no pre-heating necessary (lower CO2 emissions).
  • Flexible operation: Compact and easy to transport on site.
  • Versatile: The inductors can be placed both in and around the component. You can also place a component on a flat surface (table model) or work with flexible inductors. The inductors are supplied in various diameters, fixed or flexible according to your requirements.
  • Smart Inductor recognition: When a part is connected for a second time to the inductor, automatically correct settings are selected. Simply press the START button and the job is done.
  • Air-cooled: No water cooling needed.
  • Automatic demagnetization


  • Fixed inductor
Heating with an inductor around the component. Energy input from outside to inside.

For bearing rings, pipes and rings.

Heating Method 1: Fixed Inductor


  • Fixed inductor
Heating with an inductor in the component. Energy input is outwards.

For bored holes for gearboxes, bearing bores in housings.

Heating Method 2: Fixed Inductor


  • Table inductor
The part is lying flat on an inductor table and heated in a very short time to required temperature.

This method is suitable for light products that require serial heating.

Heating Method 3: Table Inductor


  • Flexible inductor
The flexible inductor is wrapped around a component, for example a gear coupling which was removed smoothly, with no damage to the shaft.

Suitable for non-cylindrical shapes or extreme dimensions.

Heating Method 4: Flexible Inductor

About Induction Heaters
Induction heaters supplied with: instruction manual, heat-resistant gloves, vaseline, magnetic temperature sensor and a 3 year warranty.

Bega heaters are easy-to-use thanks to a user-friendly control panel with LED display. Digital electronics ensure optimum control during the heating process. These automatically regulate the most efficient use of power and ensure even and rapid heating. No extra steps are necessary.

1. Trolley
2. Set of yokes
3. Adaptor yokes
4. Heat resistant gloves
5. Magnetic temperature sensor, type K
6. Vaseline for maintenance
7. Horizontal support
8. Fitting tool set, Impact 33 and 39