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BETEX BLF 204 low frequency induction heaters
400V - 50/60Hz - BASIC series NEW

Induction Heaters

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The BASIC series replace part of the current BETEX benchtop range.
These heaters work with a simple keyboard and have a single temperature probe.

  • Heating can be done in time or temperature mode
  • Smart electonics ensure optimal heating and efficient use of power
  • Robust design for working in industrial environments
  • Controlled heating method
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Including 2 yokes, 30, 70 x 80 mm
  • Temperature setting upto 240°C / 464°F
  • Includes 1 magnetic temperature probe
  • Automatic demagnetization, better than 2A/cm
  • Keyboard for easy operation
  • Acoustic signal at the end of each heating cycle
  • Temperature hold
  • Time setting in minutes/seconds
  • Includes service kit and CE-manual
  • 3 years warranty on the electronic unit
  • Including packing material

Betex 201 Induction Heater

Technical specifications BLF 201
Output kVA
1.5 - 3.0
Voltage / Current
230V / 13A
Frequency Hz
Max. weight bearing kg
Max. temperature
240ºC / 464ºF
Max. OD ø mm
Magnetic temperature probe(s)

Heating methods:
- Time
- Temperature
- Temperature or time
- Temperature or speed

Automatic demagnetization
Weight heater kg (excl yokes)
Dimensions mm
788 x 315 x 456

The BASIC series replaces part of the standard BETEX workbench models.

Low Frequency Induction Heaters
WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY ...  Bearing manufacturers recommend induction heating as the superior heating method. Modern heaters offer many advantages, such as time or temperature control, energy and time efficiency, safety for part and for person. Our new generation of BETEX® low and medium frequency induction heaters now offer even more benefits.