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BETEX 40 RSD / RSDm Turbo 8 kVA

Induction Heaters - Bench-Top

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Medium size bench-top or mobile roll-around (RSDm) type induction heater with swivel arm for use in the workshop. The TURBO effect only works when the component is in a horizontal position.

  • Min. ID Ø: 30/160 mm
  • Max. OD Ø: 790 mm
  • Max. width: 315 mm
  • Automatic demagnetization
  • Automatic power reduction
  • Yokes: selection of 5 sizes
  • Max. bearing weight: 350 kg
  • Max. weight other parts: 250 kg

  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Paper industry
  • Gearbox manufacturers
  • Machine building
  • Transport sector
  • MRO/OEM sector
Technical Data - BETEX 40 RSD / RSDm Turbo Bench-Top 8 kVA
Facility power 8 kVA
Voltage/Amp* 400/500V 20A
Frequency Hz 50/60Hz
Yokes, standard mm/ set 1
Yokes, standard mm/ set 2
Max weight ± kg
  - bearings
  - other parts
Min. ID Ø: mm 30/Ø160
Max. OD Ø: mm 790
Max. width: mm 315
Max. width at horizontal heating: mm 280
Temperature Control °C/F
  - max reach*
  - magnetic probe
  - digital display
240º C**
Time Control
  - max. reach
  - digital display
0-60 min.
Cross section poles mm Ø160
Pole height mm 320
Dimensions mm (L x B x H) 1200 x 640 x 1000
Weight heater kg excl. Yokes 65/105
Mobile yes (40RSDm)

* With adaptor yokes, only available for the Standard models
** On request: 350° C with heavy-duty sensor and extra isolation
*** Subject to power and execution

On request: other voltage/ amperage/ higher temperature up to 480° C. Reference list available on request.
BETEX Impact 33
BETEX Impact 39

About Induction Heaters
Induction heaters supplied with: instruction manual, heat-resistant gloves, vaseline, magnetic temperature sensor and a 3 year warranty.

Bega heaters are easy-to-use thanks to a user-friendly control panel with LED display. Digital electronics ensure optimum control during the heating process. These automatically regulate the most efficient use of power and ensure even and rapid heating. No extra steps are necessary.

1. Trolley
2. Set of yokes
3. Adaptor yokes
4. Heat resistant gloves
5. Magnetic temperature sensor, type K
6. Vaseline for maintenance
7. Horizontal support
8. Fitting tool set, Impact 33 and 39