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AboutBETEX Smart Maintenance Tools, Induction Heaters

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BETEX® Induction Heaters
Bega develops, manufactures and sells worldwide a wide range of BETEX® induction heaters for professional use in industry and industrial services.

Dependable Quality
BETEX® induction heaters are proven to be reliable. Their sturdy styling and user-friendly design guarantees sustained, problem-free operation in an industrial environment. Our Standard series heaters are low frequency (50/60Hz). We also make use of the middle frequency (< 20kHz) principle for combined mounting and dismounting applications.

  • Environmentally friendly: no smoke, no open flames, no fumes, no oil waste
  • Standard design for working in industrial environments
  • Evenly distributed heating: the microprocessor controlled electronics prevent overheating and explosive heating
  • The energy saving alternative to traditional methods
  • For sealed (2RS-ZZ) and pre-lubricated bearings
  • Automatic power reduction
  • Automatic demagnetization to <2A/cm
  • Automatic reheat mode
  • Unique, user-friendly swivel-arm construction
  • Suitable for continuous use (24/7)
  • Designed for MRO and OEM departments
  • Large selection from STANDARD and TURBO series, from 3.6 to 100 kVA
  • TURBO models have high output and are energy efficient
  • Portable models for on-site works
  • 3 year warranty
  • Meets CE and IEC requirements
  • CSA certification approved by TÜV
  • Practical solutions based on more than 37 years of experience

Service & Warranty
Our expertise and experience ensure quality, reliability, professional advice and outstanding service. BETEX® induction heaters are supplied with clear instructions and a 3-year warranty on the electronic components.

Why Use Induction Heating?
Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safe environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. These methods generate smoke, fumes or oil waste and are hazardous for personal health and safety.

Energy Efficient
All BETEX® induction heaters are energy efficient in comparison with classic methods. The advantage of the TURBO series over the STANDARD series is that larger components can be heated in a relatively short time while consuming the same amount of energy.

For Bearings & Other Components
BETEX® induction heaters are versatile and can be used for the heating of gear wheels, bushes, couplings, etc. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends bearing life. Even tension-free heating prevents unnecessary damage and retains original lubrication. Induction heaters are ideal for sealed (2RS-ZZ) and pre-lubricated bearings.

Temperature or Time Controlled Heating
Digital electronics ensure optimum control during the heating process. These automatically regulate the most efficient use of power and ensure even and rapid heating. No extra steps are necessary. This prevents explosive heating (no discoloration or pitting of material).

Fail-safe demagnetization is essential for bearings and transmission parts. The proven quality of BETEX® induction heaters guarantees maximum demagnetization (< 2A/cm). This has a major positive effect on the life span of bearings, gears, etc.

Working Principle Working Principle
The heater works by inducing a (low frequency) current in the component to be heated. This is achieved by incorporating the component as a secondary winding in a transformer. The primary winding is connected to the mains power by means of an electronic control. The magnetic field induces a high current (short circuit current) through the component which consequently becomes hot. The workpiece is automatically demagnetized after every heating cycle.

Our Range Includes:
  • Portable models
  • Benchtop models
  • Roll around models
  • Custom-made models to client's requirements
  • Middle frequency for mounting & dismounting

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