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BETEX Explanation Cylinders

Explanation Cylinders
  1. Betex® offers a wide selection of cylinder design, capacity and stroke to match your daily requirements.
  2. Built for Rugged Industrial/Construction use. All Betex® cylinders meet worldwide safety standards.
  3. Stop rings, plated pistons and heavy duty construction provide trouble-free operation and long life.
  4. Heavy duty, wound steel-plated springs provide fast and complete retraction, cycle after cycle, and retain their tension longer. Long-lasting springs contribute substantially to cylinder life.
  5. Threaded collars and internal plunger threads withstand full loading for maximum flexibility in fixturing.
  6. All Betex® cylinders incorporate a positive piston stop to limit piston travel at the end of the stroke, allowing the cylinder to be operated at full stroke. Piston stops add strength and safety to your Betex® cylinder.
  7. Rod wiper cleans the rod surface during retraction, protecting the inner cylinder assembly from dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
  8. Most Betex® cylinders have a black nitride coating. All aluminium cylinders have a hard anodized finish

Series Description Type Capacity ton Stroke mm
NSSS General purpose, spring return Single Acting 5-100 25.4-362
NSLS Low profile, spring return Single Acting 5-150 6-17
NSCS Compact, spring return Single Acting 10-100 38-57
NSHS Hollow, spring return Single Acting 13-100 8-158
JLLC Lock nut, load return Single Acting 50-1000 50-300
JLPC Pan lock nut, load return Single Acting 60-520 45-50
NDAC General purpose Double Acting 10-100 255-330
NDAH Hollow Double Acting 50-100 51-254
SSA Aluminum, spring return Single Acting 50-100 51-254
ACHC Aluminum, hollow, spring return Single Acting 30-60 76-153
ADHC Aluminum, hollow Double Acting 30-60 51-254
ALNC Aluminum, lock nut, load return Single Acting 30-60 51-254