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BETEX HLW 18T Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedges

Hydraulic Wedges

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BETEX HLW 18T Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedges

Especially designed to raise or lower heavy loads in one fluent, straight, vertical movement. The HLW series guarantees a safe and solid grip. Minimum access gap of 9.5 mm

  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Placing and moving machines, machine alignment
  • Maintenance, mounting and dismounting activities
  • Steady lift movement, fluent, straight, vertical lifting
  • Robust and exact, solid fixed grip at every stage by using the stepped blocks
  • Safe, saves time and costs, ergonomic design
  • Applicable at minimum openings from 9.5 mm
  • Lifting capacity: per step 19 mm lifting height
  • Maximum lift when using a multi-stage block of 67.5 mm
  • Single-acting piston, spring return
  • Lifting power: max. 36 tons (using 2 pcs. HLW18T(I) or duo-set)
  • With safety block to secure the load and remove the lifting wedge

The lifting wedges are available separately and as a complete set. All sets are premounted, you can start working right away!
  • Hydraulic lifting wedge
  • Lightweight, 2-stage hand pump
  • Stepped safety block
  • Hose, 1.5 meters
  • Gauge, T-adapter
  • Male coupler and complete quick coupler
  • PE case

For more working accuracy, we supply duo-sets with two HLW 18T lifting wedges and a pump with double manifold for separate oil flow.
  • The lifting capacity is doubled
  • Safety: Perfect straight lifting movement prevents the load from tilting
  • The lifting force is divided evenly and more accurately, preventing loads to be pressed askew or lopsided burdening

HLW 18TI hydraulic lifting wedge with integrated pump Type HLW 18TI has a built-in hydraulic system for which a separate hose, coupler and hand pump are not necessary. The spreader is supplied in a case. Not available as a duo-set.

Use With
Alignment Shims

  Max. cap. ton Spread mm Acting pump Max. pressure bar Weight kg
Type: HLW 18T
Part #: TB-FS789501
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18 9.5 - 67.5* single acting 700 10.8
Type: HLW 18T set (complete in case)
Part #: TB-FS789502
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18 9.5 - 67.5* single acting 700 24.6
Type: HLW 18T duo set (complete in case)
Part #: TB-FS789503
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2 x 18 9.5 - 67.5* single acting 700 37
Type: HLW 18TI with integrated pump (complete in case)
Part #: TB-FS789504
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18 9.5 - 67.5* single acting 700 16