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Shaft Alignment- Easy-Laser® XT440

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Thanks to groundbreaking cross-platform technology, XT440 lets you display data on a multitude of different handheld devices, giving you the freedom to work with the gear that suits you and your company the best. To make this new generation as straightforward as possible we have included all XT measurement programs in a user-friendly application you can download for free.


  • Can align both horizontally and vertically!
  • Display data on multiple platforms
  • One free app - no license needed
  • Rugged design. Long operating times (16 uur)
  • With or without the robust and user-friendly display unit XT11

  • Technical specifications - Easy-Laser XT440
    Complete system:
    Measuring units M / S:

    Type detector
    True PSD 30 mm (1.2")
    1 Measuring unit XT40-M
    Bluetooth wireless technology
    1 Measuring unit XT40-S
    Measuring errors
    2 Shaft brackets with chains and rods
    Measurement range
    Up to 10 m (33 feet)
    4 Rods, 60 mm
    Type laser
    Diode laser / Safety class II
    1 Measuring tape, 3 m
    Housing material
    Anodized aluminium  / PC/ABS + TPE
    1 Hexagon wrench set
    WxHxD: 76 x 76.7 x 39.3 mm (3.0x3.0x1.5)
    1 Charger (100-240 V AC)
    245 g (8.6 oz)
    1 DC split cable for charging
    Display unit XT11

    1 DC - USB adapter, for charging
    Type display/dimensions
    SVGA 8" colour screen, backlit LED
    1 Quick reference manual
    Battery type and operation time
    Heavy duty Li Ion chargeable/ 16 h continuously
    1 USB memory with manuals
    Wireless technology, WiFi
    1 Carrying case, small
    Housing material
    PC/ABS + TPE

    Dimensions / Weight
    WxHxD: 274 x 190 x 44 mm (10.8x7.5x1.7")/1450 g (5.1 oz)

    Charging cable (splitter cable)
    1 m (39.4")

    Shaft brackets
    Type: V-bracket for chain, width 18 mm (0.7")

    Shaft diameter 20-150 / anodised alu

    120mm, 60 mm (4.72", 2.36") extendable / stainless steel