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Pulley Alignment - BTA Easy-Laser® E180 Digital and Wireless

Alignment Equipment

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Wireless and digital system for the alginment of pulleys.

EasyThe Easy-Laser® E180 allows even more accurate and efficient alignment of sheaves/pulleys!

Easy-Laser® is unique to the market in being able to offer digital read off. Digital readings allow greater precision, and combined with one of our display units*, make it easier to follow the belt manufacturer's tolerances and results are documented directly as a PDF. This is a unique characteristic that gives advantages in the long term, not least in the service life of belts and sheaves/pulley.

Follow the adjustment on the integrated OLED display or on the separate display unit*. The adjustment values are always displayed live, which makes alignment easy. Using a separate display unit makes it even easier, as you can follow the machine's adjustment continuously at the point where adjustment is being carried out. In addition, the machine's shim and adjustment values are automatically calculated! It is also possible to read off visually on targets (included).

Follow the instructions on the OLED display and the display unit *. The receiver displays the values ​​"live" again, so that the alignment can be. Done easily By making use of a display unit, * the use of the alignment is even simpler, as visually indicates the adjustment is required. In addition, the shim thicknesses are calculated directly for you.

* The display unit is not supplied with the Easy-Laser E180 standard. The E180 BTA is the perfect complement to the E540 alignment.


  • Compared with old measurement methods, it is this way of more accurately and efficiently align since both the horizontal and the vertical alignment at the same time takes place
  • Work can be carried out in a short period of time by one person
  • The units are placed using powerful super magnets, and can be installed on all types of drives / pulleys, such as V-belts, flat belts, timing belts and chain drives.
  • When you use aluminum sheaves / pulleys, you can pass the low weight, the measuring units also place using double-sided tape
  • The E180 BTA is the perfect complement to the E710, E540 and E530-axis alignment

A complete system contains:
  • 1 Laser transmitter
  • 1 Detector unit
  • 2 Targets
  • 1 Charger (100-240 V AC) with cable
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Carrying case