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Bearing Splitters and Pullers

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BETEX 48/49

2/2 bearing splitters and pullers

Betex no. 48/49 is designed for dismantling flush-fitting bearings and other parts where an ordinary puller would be unable to get a proper grip. Suitable for various applications.

for Shaft Centers and Hollow Shafts

HYDRAULIC MINI-PRESS | 8/15 tons Capacity - BETEX 44

Hydraulic 8/15 tons Capacity Mini-press
When using mechanical screws, much of the force is lost as a result of the friction caused by the thread. This mini-press administers a shock to the part which is to be extracted. This enables optimal use to be made of BETEX pullers 52 and 54, without loss of force or wear and tear to screws.

*NOTE: For use with pullers TB-MPC049200 through TB-MPC049400.

Part No. Capacity
Add to Cart   TB-MP044080 8 7
Add to Cart   TB-MP044150 15 10

Part No.
Part No.
Counter Support
Max. Shaft Length mm
Standard with Support
Add to Cart   TB-MP48060 60 Add to Cart   TB-MPC049100 150 250
Add to Cart   TB-MP48075 75 Add to Cart   TB-MPC049100 150 250
Add to Cart   TB-MP48115 115 Add to Cart   TB-MPC049200* 200 300
Add to Cart   TB-MP48150 150 Add to Cart   TB-MPC049300* 300 400
Add to Cart   TB-MP48210 210 Add to Cart   TB-MPC049400* 300 400
*NOTE: The Hydraulic Mini-Press Option can be used with these pullers.