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Mobile Hydarulic Puller - Self Centering

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2/3-Arm - Self-Centering

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For dismantling transmission parts, such as bearings, couplings, bushings, gear wheels, etc.

The puller is easy to maneuver, adjustable in height and 5° vertically adjustable.

The complete stroke is 330 mm. Three adapters (extensions) are included for a max. stroke of 475 mm.

The arms move inwards and outwards simultaneously and cannot deflect. A safety release valve prevents overload and ensures that you never exceed the maximum power capacity.
Including Safety Blanket
Mobile Hydarulic Puller - Self Centering
1 Foot pump for height adjustment.
2 Double-acting hand pump for holding, opening and
closing the jaws for a safe, secure grip on job.
3 An electric-hydraulic pump, 230V-700 bar operates the cylinder. This is a 4-stage pump. For the 50 ton puller, the oil delivery is 3.9 liters per minute at 0 bar pressure. For the 100 ton puller, the oil delivery is 6.7 liters per minute at 0 bar pressure.
4 Self-centering; the jaws are evenly advanced or retracted.
5 The design prevents the puller jaws from slipping or deflecting.
6 Puller can easily be converted from 3- to 2-arm configuration.
7 The puller is adjustable 5° vertically.
8 The cart has two swivel casters (self-locking) and has two rigid casters.
9 The hydraulic cylinder is a 2-stage spring-return type with a max. working pressure of 700 bar (50 ton).
10 Four adapters (cylinder extensions) with a total length of 620 mm are included.
Type/Part No. 50-HXPM-1250-S330/TB-HP700014
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Capacity in tons 50 100
Max. stroke in mm 330 260
Max. spread in mm 1250 1500
Min. spread in mm 75 240
Max. shaft length in mm 665-720 1225
Operating main cylinder Electric-hydraulic pump, 230V - 16A, with remote control
Operating height adjustment with foot pump
Operating self-centering jaws with hand pump, double acting
Four adapters in mm 2 x Ø 50, length: 155
Min. height (from the center) in mm 820 ±820
Max. height (from the center) in mm 1.370 ±1.370
Manometer 700 bar 700 bar
Weight in kg 372 kg ±600 kg