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QBC is an authorized distributor and supplier of some of the world's largest bearing and linear motion component manufacturers. QBC is considered "The Bearing Marketplace", since they are the one-stop shop for all your bearing needs.

We offer ball and roller bearings, linear bearings, spherical bearings, shafting, mounting blocks, and thrust bearings ranging from commercial to ultra-precision quality. We offer custom-made bearings for your specific application and unique environments as well as value-added services including JIT deliveries, blanket orders, special packaging, bearing re-lubing services, and engineering support.


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BEGA Portable Induction Heaters
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BEGA Induction Heater BLF 201
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Thompson Super Bearing
Thomson Linear Motion Components
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Bega Specialty Products

Bearing Induction Heaters

QBC offers a wide range of high-quality induction heaters from BETEX Special Tools, for safe and efficient use in industrial applications.

The sturdy and user-friendly design guarantees years of problem-free operation. QBC induction heaters are versatile and can be used to heat bearings, gear wheels, couplings, etc. QBC offers both standard series (low frequency) induction heaters and a middle frequency induction heater for combined mounting and dismounting applications. Styles available include: Portable Induction Heaters, Bench-top Induction Heaters, Mobile Induction Heaters and Giant (large capacity) Induction Heaters. All the induction heater models are energy efficient. The advantage of the TURBO series over the standard series is that larger components can be heated in a relatively short time while consuming the same amount of energy. QBC/BETEX Special Tools provide practical solutions based on more than 30 years of experience.


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