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BETEX Vibration Checker

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VibChecker – portable and user friendly vibration measurement
VibChecker is a light and compact-sized instrument used for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards. Green - yellow - red LEDs indicate vibration severity and a real time FFT spectrum is produced for easy pattern recognition. Results can be stored for documentation and follow-up. With its built-in probe, easy button operation and clear symbols, VibChecker is a ready-to-use instrument; just point the probe and measure to locate vibration-related problems.

Vibration monitoring is a cost-effective predictive maintenance tool.
In most cases, vibration measurement can detect a problem long before damage to the machine is done. The repair of equipment failing while in service is many times costlier than planned repairs made possible through vibration monitoring.

Minding your machinery
Machine vibration is the cause of many problems in industrial equipment. Integrated in your normal maintenance activities, periodic vibration measurement with VibChecker will go a long way to help keep your equipment operational. VibChecker combines handiness and usability with cost effectiveness and durability. Suitable for both new and experienced users, VibChecker covers the basic vibration monitoring needs of your maintenance organization.