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BETEX HXPM 100 - 2-arm Puller, Self-Centering

Hydraulic Pullers

BETEX HXPM 100 - 2-arm Puller, Self-Centering

100 Ton Capacity

For dismounting of all kinds of transmission parts such as bearings, couplings, gears, wheels etc.

  • Double-acting cylinder for holding, opening and closing the jaws for safe, secure grip on job
  • Electro-hydraulic pump, 400V - 700 bar, operates the cylinder. This is a 2-stage pump with oil delivery 9.5 liters/minute at 7 bar pressure.
  • The design prevents the puller jaws from slipping or deflecting
  • The puller is adjustable 5° vertically
  • The cart has two swivel castors (self-locking) and has two rigid castors
  • The hydraulic cylinder is spring-return type with a max. working pressure of 700 bar (100 ton)
  • Seven adapters (extensions) with a total length of 1125 mm are included
  • Adjustable jaw tips for optimal/adjustable grip

  • The puller is self-centering, easy to maneuver and adjustable in height. The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.
  • The complete stroke is 270 mm. Seven adapters (extensions) are included with a maximum length of 1125 mm.
  • The harder the force, the tighter the jaws grip. The arms cannot bend or deflect.
  • The integral safety release valve prevents overloading and ensures that you will never exceed the maximum power capacity.

Advantages of self-centering pullers:
  • Prevents damage to shaft and object being pulled
  • One person can do the job
  • Efficient and saves time
  • Includes 7 adapters
  • Includes remote control

Use in combination with UHAP280 high pressure pump.

Part #: TB-HP700021     

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Capacity in tons: 100
Max. stroke (mm): 270
Max. spread (mm): 1500
Min. spread (mm): 200
Max. shaft length (mm): 1215
Operating main cylinder: Electro-hydraulic pump EP420D, 400V - 6A, 50 Hz
Operating height adjustment: with remote control
Operating self-centering jaws: n/a
Seven adapters, total length: 1125 (mm)::
2 x Ø 70, length: 300, 2 x Ø 70, length: 150
1 x Ø 70, length: 100, 1 x Ø 70, length: 75,
1 x Ø 70, length: 50
Min. height (from the center) in (mm): 320
Max. height (from the center) in (mm): 790
Gauge bar: 700
Dimensions: 2450 x 1350 x 1200
Weight kg: 870