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BETEX Tri-Section Pullers

Hydraulic Pullers

BETEX Tri-Section Hydraulic Pullers

4, 6, 8 and 12 TON CAPACITY

Tri-section pullers:
  • The plates grip behind the inner and outer rings of the bearing, preventing the pulling force from being transmitted through the
    moving parts, minimizing the risk of bearing damage.
  • The Tri-section Plate's unique design ensures the application of force at the most efficient point - the inner ring and outer
    ring together - and thereby requires less force for removal than required if only pulling on the outer ring.
  • The firm grip behind a bearing's inner and outer rings ensures that the pulling forces are not transmitted through the moving
    parts, preventing damage to the bearing.
  • Most parts are forged SCM440 alloy steel, creating a very safe and durable product.

The puller sets come complete with:
  • Integrated pump and cylinder
  • Handle 360° adjustable
  • Tri-section Plate
  • Puller block
  • Connection rods
  • Steel storage case

BETEX Tri-Section Hydraulic Pullers
  Type Cap. ton Max. Shaft Length mm Min. Spread mm Max. Spread mm Weight kg
Part #: TB-P792160
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Tri-section set 4t 4 211 30 160 20
Part #: TB-P792210
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Tri-section set 6t 6 243 50 210 30
Part #: TB-P792340
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Tri-section set 8t 8 243 50 270 34
Part #: TB-P792495
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Tri-section set 12t
12 284 90 340 68