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Easy Laser Shaft Alignment

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Easy-Laser® D450

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Easy-Laser® D450 Shaft Alignment Equipment
Easy-Laser® D450 is a basic system, with the performance potential of our more advanced models like the D505 and D525. With the right accessories, your D450 system can be converted into any other Easy-Laser® system.

The general idea behind the system is "simplicity for the user". All parts included in the system are developed for rough use and easy mounting. As a user you are given step-by-step instructions on the display through the entire measurement procedure. Even though the technology inside is rather advanced, the measurement principle is straightforward. It is based on the "reverse indicator method" with two laser/measuring units mounted on each side of the coupling.

System D450 includes two measurement programs: Horizontal shaft alignment and Soft Foot. The displayed measurement resolution can be set as low as 0.05 mils/thou [0.001 mm]. When the measurement is complete you can produce a printout, save in the display unit or transfer the data to your PC.

Why the D450?
  • Alignment can now be done by one person.
  • The simplicity of the design makes training unnecessary
  • Laser-technology is faster and more precise than conventional alignment methods.
  • Shaft alignment for horizontal machines.
  • Soft Foot specification
  • Thermal growth compensation
  • Tolerance check, geographic display showing whether alignment falls within tolerances.
  • Electronic measurement value filter system for accurate measurement results in poor conditions, such as air turbulence and vibration.

The complete system contains:
  • 1 Display unit D279 (with 2 measurement programs)
  • 1 Protective case
  • 2 Cables with Push/Pull connectors
  • 2 Measuring units (S, M)
  • 2 Sets of rods for measuring units
    (4x2.36", 8x4.72"[4x60mm, 8x120mm])
  • 2 Shaft brackets with chains
  • 2 Extension chains
  • 1 Measuring tape
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 EasyLink™ Windows® program + PC cable
  • Delivered in robust aluminum framed carrying case with contoured foam insert.